1. Unique identification code of the product type:

7986SH5-2400 Structural Head

2. Type, batch or serial number or any other element allowing identification of the construction product as required under Article 11(4) of the CPR: The following size code is covered by this declaration –

MAS/7986/SH5-2400 Structural Head 2400X100X290

3. Intended use or uses of the construction product, in accordance with the applicable harmonised technical specification, as foreseen by the manufacturer:

Intended uses are in walls and partitions to support loads over openings in masonry walls with a semi-structural role in the works.

4. Name, registered trade name or registered trade mark and contact address of the manufacturer as required under Article 11(5):

Forticrete Limited, Anstone, Kiveton Park Station, Kiveton Park, Sheffield, S26 6NP

5. System or systems of assessment and verification of constancy of performance of the construction product as set out in Annex V:

System 3

6. Notified body No.CPR/1289 performed the Initial Type Testing of the product under System 3 and issued test reports.

7. Declared Performance as per BS EN 845-2:2013 Annex ZA Table ZA.1

Essential CharacteristicsPerformance
Load Bearing Capacity kN/m (Allowable Safe Working Load kN/m) based on 150mm bearing at each end14.6 kN/m (6.5 kN/m)
Deflection Under (Load Effective Span/325mm)6.9mm
Water absorption (for lintels intended to be used in external elements) <2g/m2.s
Tested to BS EN 772-11:2011
Water vapour permeability (for lintels intended to be used in external elements)5/15µ based on Table A.3 BS EN 1745:2012
Direct airborne sound insulation (in end use condition for lintels intended to be used in elements subject to acoustic requirements)NPD
Thermal conductivity/[Density and configuration] (for units intended to be used in elements subject to thermal insulation requirements)1 W/mK(λ10,dry,unit, S1) Based on table value from BS EN 1745:2012 p=50%
Resistance to FireR30
Durability against corrosionF
Durability against freeze-thawResistant
Dangerous SubstancesNPD

8. The performance of the product identified in points 1 and 2 is in conformity with the declared performance in point 7.
This declaration of performance is issued under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer identified in point 4.

Signed for and on behalf of the manufacturer by:

Name: Will Hicks
Position: Ibstock Concrete Operations Director
Place: Coppingford Hall, PE28 5GP, UK
Date: 3rd February 2020